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FDR has expanded its brand lineup! A refreshed FOMZ, a fast-casual launch forged in iron, and a line of premium frozen meats for the market, are on their way. Click below for details.


Food and Drink Resources (FDR) was founded in 2009 by Richard Keys and Scott Randolph, two lifelong chef buddies who discovered an impressive harmony between their collective strengths as gastronomists, creative innovators and businessmen. That harmony manifested into FDR, a multidisciplinary company that has pioneered custom development sourcing and project management for national chain restaurants, contract management and lodging. Today FDR plays a unique role in the food and drink industry. We identify, create and stay in front of trends, bringing fresh ideas and profitable solutions to our clients. In our work with the foodservice industry, we develop menu additions and enhancements that excite customers, strengthen brand differentiation and fit within considered concepts structure.

Through decades of industry experience, deep alliances with fellow chefs and food and drink companies, and extensive world travel exploring food and culture, our consultation skills evolved to include product ideation, innovation, recipe and menu development, restaurant design and product sourcing. The world of food and drinks continues to become more exciting and innovative, and FDR is at the forefront of this impetus.

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“Food and Drink Resources consistently delivers smart, actionable insights to help evolve our menu and keep Applebee’s Guests coming back for more of the freshest and most exciting takes on today’s food trends. Their background and decades of industry experience are an invaluable part of our process to bring the ‘latest and greatest’ to our restaurants faster than our competition.”

Mike Archer
President of Applebee's

“Richard and Scott have been working in the food service segment in both the back of the kitchen and front office for several years. They have also worked on the supplier side as R&D development chefs and in sales for over a decade. Their background experience, continued education and expertise in the food service industry has helped us to accomplish numerous businesses developments with different FS chains, surpassing our goals on most occasions.”

Felipe Hasselmann
President of Cuisine Solutions

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